I hate solving math problem in my sleep because they dont make sense when I wake up and then I wasted sleep time on what might as well be studying. I dreamed I was in a lost boys club…lost boys usually echos when you say lost boys. … and I was calculating a model for the capture rate of a pokemon as it turns to that red light energy stuff.

I was able to come up with an equation.

What if people made a social network full of different google doc pages with links to other friends google docs, creating a free ranged web of pages that can be altered by people or kept as read-only; and be a more open method to create intimate social sharing with the possibility of permanence or be dynamic with emotional influence.

Like a deconstruction on what a social networking site can be, more like what it was back in myspace days, actually more like geocities, but even more simplified into a document that could just as well be printed.